Bed Pillow Wedge Sizes in Inches


Bed Pillow Wedge – Did you know that the manufacturer of the bed wedge pillow to focus on the five main health issues when designing and manufacturing the pillow wedge? The reason this is important is that they have researched, receiving customer feedback, and focusing on specific health issues. Sliced ​​bed pillow provides support and possible cure for a variety of conditions. It is a primary health condition that requires elevated beds:

Bed pillow wedge can be used for back pain and should support the lower lumbar and take the stress of the back muscles and spine. There is a foam cushion wedge with grooves for the spine to go back to sleep. Side or rear of the youth will benefit from a contoured pillow that cradles the neck and help keep the spine straight. There are also lumbar support cushion for your seat table.

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Sleep Apnea: A relaxing muscles in the throat causing airflow and suffers from sleep apnea stop breathing during sleep. Through a loud snort and snore they could breathe. Severe cases using CPAP and get forced air from the device to promote oxygenation during sleep. Bed pillow wedge it can lull the neck and face with cutouts for respiratory devices. Acid Reflux: This is conditioned caused by stomach contents flowing back into the esophagus when the stomach is higher than the esophagus at the break.


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