Best Zebra Bedroom Ideas


Zebra bedroom ideas coordinate an elegant and modern environment for adolescents combining zebra stripes with turquoise fashion. Use the traditional black and white striped zebra with a smooth turquoise or combines turquoise and black or turquoise and white zebra striped plain black and white. The panels of wallpaper with zebra print or canvas painted with black stripes zebra and turquoise can decorate a room with simple white walls, a trick that is ideal for tenants, boarding students or parents who prefer not to paint the walls of a bright turquoise. An edge colored damask wallpaper or zebra striped paper can accentuate the white walls or painted canvases and look sharp against turquoise or aqua walls.

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The stripes of black, white and turquoise zebra bedroom ideas are a choice of trendy and bold for bedding that creates a focal point in the room. Use a quilt blocks with pieces of turquoise and black zebra with an edge for a more understated style. Accentuates the bedding with a skirt with zebra stripes pattern, turquoise velvet pillows and fluffy pillows or zebra prints. The black furniture complement the bedding and decor turquoise zebra stripes can make stand out even more.


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