Bohemian Bedding Tween Ideas


Bohemian bedding – Select bohemian bedding in bright colors, as inspired by Indian saris. A bright purple silk and gold make a deep striking bohemian options while Paisley is a good selection of patterns. Quilts or comforters gold-embroidered silk bed dressed in gypsy style as pillows in gold, red and orange luxury stack above the bed. A canopy of gold, orange, or red fabric – sheer or opaque – curtains on the headboard to create an opulent atmosphere. Soft velvet throws layer along the foot of the bed and put a pair of whimsical Moroccan slippers on the carpet in the depths.

Choose a warm color, vivid painting as the basis for its bohemian bedding design. Deep pink, amber or red rich make a strong backdrop for the bohemian bedroom. After painting, decorating the walls with framed mirrors wrought iron accent templates Paisley gold, and heavy gilt frames empty. Select an eclectic mix of wall sconces, either electric or candle and hang on the walls at different height intervals.

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Bohemian bedding accessories, an amber bead curtain covering the door, making a melodious crack when someone enters. Sheer red curtains covering the windows, warming light that slips into the room. A fragrance and clusters of scented candles emit sweet musky scent of sandalwood and vanilla.


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