Build Platform Beds Made Out Of Pallets


Beds Made Out Of Pallets – The pallet platform bed is a staple in college dorms nationwide and can be quick and dirty solution furniture in any home. What is lacking in appeal, it makes up for the low cost and easy installation. Putting together a pallet platform bed takes less than 10 minutes after you have received your components. Unless you use pallets off-size, you can build only one of them with a double bed frame.

Instructions to build platform beds made out of pallets remove the mattress and sprung from your bed frame. Position the bed frame on its side. Place a pallet on its side, with an open end facing the bed. Slide the open end of the podium on the legs of the bed frame, pressing it against the bed until your legs will not go further into the pallet. Sometimes this podium will be flush with the bottom of the bed. Other times, the motion stops because of the internal structure of the pallet.

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Next steps for build platform beds made out of pallets, repeat steps 3 and 4 with the second pallet and the second set of legs. Turn your bed back upright, now rests on the pallets. Push the platform bed as one end against a wall. Stool platform beds are stable only when a wall for extra support.

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