Bunk Beds for Small Rooms


Bunk Beds for Small Rooms – What types of bunk beds for small rooms? Everything will depend on the size of the bedroom and the use to which it will provide. Generally we all ask open space for a playground or study when they begin to be older. To provide possible solutions on the market a variety of models from which to choose the most appropriate, Lets discuss them. Bed with nest: the lower bed has a drive system and folding legs. The drawback of these beds is that if you use daily opening is quite heavy. Above the lower bed you can place a container with drawers if you need storage space.

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Bunk beds for small rooms with two bunk beds especially love children but we moms are more uncomfortable when making higher. You have to keep in mind that the space between beds is 80 cm minimum and mattress from the top to the ceiling will be 90 cm.

There are models that even under the lower beds have storage drawers or a trundle bed, perfect for when she visits a friend. Bunk beds for small rooms in these beds need an access ladder (about 40 cm) to the upper bed and a protective bar, especially if the sleeper above is still small.


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