Combining Loft Bunk Bed with Desk


Loft bunk bed with desk-By combining a loft bunk bed with desk with a desk chair, you can open up the floor in your room. It also creates the psychological advantage of defining a workplace where your child can do homework. This can help your child focus during the studies. These directions are for a twin-size bed with cheap materials, but adjust the sizes and replace wood for larger or more attractive projects.

Instructions for loft bunk bed with desk are Drill two holes in each end of the 80-inch beams, spaced 2-3 / 4 inches from the end of the beam and 3/4 inches apart. Using a drill of the same diameter as your bolts. Drill two holes at one end of your 72-inch posts, placed in the middle 12-inch and 12-3 / 4 inches from the end. Using a drill of the same diameter as your bolts. Lightly sand all surfaces in your timber. It need not be polish-smooth but should be flexible enough to avoid splinters. Add the two 75-inch beams and the two 36-inch beams in a rectangle, resting on their narrow sides. Set up the rectangle so the shorter beams are on the inside. Connect the rectangle with two screws at each joint. Drive screws in through the side of the long bar and into the end of the shorter member.

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Make Loft Bunk Beds with Desk

Loft bunk beds with desk – With a loft office, the office space is located under a bed that is elevated. To make this kind of setup itself, with the aid of a bunk bed frame and a regular office. You need to pay attention to the lighting and storage under the bed to make sure the space is functional. This kind of space can work well in a child’s room, dorm room or guest room that has to work as a guest room and office.

Set the loft bunk beds with desk frame in your bedroom or guest room. Place a mattress and bedding in the top frame of the bunk bed, but leave open the lower part. Set your desk under the bunk bed where the bottom mattress meant to go. Add a brief desk lamp to provide light as the dark can get under the bed. Does not use a lamp high enough also near the top mattress, or bedding that can hang down in the office. Place filing cabinets and other office storage next to the desk so you have all your office supplies in one place of loft bunk beds with desk.


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