Contemporary Sofa Bed for Your Apartments


A contemporary sofa bed is often used as a space saving in the rooms, apartments or common living space. Many day beds have trundles underneath. Trundles can be rolled out from under the day bed at night to expand the size of the bed. During the day, the nest is hidden under the sofa bed and can be used as a sofa. Depending on the purpose of the room, you can configure the couch to look like a couch or a bed to look.

Use bedding for the contemporary sofa bed that reflects the purpose of the room. If the sofa bed is placed in a place of common life, wear sleek contemporary bed. Other styles of bedding look like traditional bedding and make it look like you have a bed in the common area. Keep bedding fabrics light, not bulky. In a bedroom, the bed can match any decor you have.

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Alternate pillows on the daybed that reflects the purpose of the room. If the contemporary sofa bed is used in a common living space, place pillows sofa to match the room’s decor. Place the pillows to hide under as much as possible. In a bedroom, prop smaller pillows around the structure. Arrange tables around the day bed. Place a sofa table in front of couches found in a common area. Place tables lamps on the sides of couches placed in a bedroom.

Place a reclining chair or couch next to a contemporary sofa bed in a common living space. Additional seating is not always necessary in a bedroom. Many rooms have only a chair for the desk or possibly an extra chair beside the bed. Bedroom chairs should not be bulky.

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