Creating Tufted Headboards


Tufted headboards – Customize your own headboard by making a button-tufted headboard and do your own preference for half the cost. Choose your own form and fabric to create a unique piece of furniture that creates interest.

Steps for creating headboards: Decide where you want your buttons to move, and mark them with a pencil. Place the fabric front-side-down on a clean, large surface, smoothing out to avoid creases or lumps in the fabric. Position on top of the fabric in the same manner. Remember that the size of the batting same as the fabric.  Add the foam on top of the batting and fabric; make sure that it is centered on all sides. Place the plywood on top of the foam, lining up the two to ensure they are even with each other. Begin attaching the batting and fabric on the back of the tufted headboards with a staple gun.  Arise end so you can start tufting. Double-click on the wire your upholstery needle with durable upholstery thread, and the bag through one of the holes from back to front, otherwise you will not have access to the hole without damaging the fabric.  Push a button through the needle by pressing the needle through the front of the tufted headboards, and thread the needle through the same hole in the button. Push the needle back through the original hole in the headboard.

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