Creative Bunk Beds Twin over Twin


Bunk beds twin over twin – Bunk beds are space-savers and spark the imagination. While handy, find most children them fascinating and no end to the fun. To be able to sleep five meters from the ground is considered a treat. It is even more of a treat if you get creative with the beds themselves. Let your children’s preferences be a guide for your creative attempts.

You can turn your children’s bunk beds twin over twin in a castle with a little creativity. You can build a simple bunk bed, making as much of the solid wood as possible. This gives you space to create the castle walls. Arcuate cut openings at the ends. Use bookshelves for towers. Paint it all look like stone and make simple triangular pennants to hang from the walls.

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Height bunk beds twin over twin makes it easy to transform a tree. Male ends and sides to resemble bark. Painting leaves on the top bunk. You can wear design for wall and ceiling by adding leaves and branches behind and above the bed. To add a dimension and the illusion of being in the dappled shade of a tree, make a curtain of sheer green fabric and cut or tear it (all but the last 2 to 3 inches, to keep the strips together). Hang one from the ceiling on the top bunk, and one from the top bunk for the lower bunk.

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