Decorating Ideas for Cool Teen Bedrooms


Cool teen bedrooms – When decorating your teen’s bedroom, holding his taste in mind. From a bright, colorful bedroom with a wildlife safari theme, help your teen create a bedroom his friends will be jealous. A quick trip to find your local store and hardware store, and you’ll find everything you need to create the room of his dreams.

For a funky, retro bedroom for your teen theme. Paint the walls in bright colors green, yellow, pink and orange. Among other room amenities such as inflatable chairs, beaded curtains, disco balls, floor pillows, shag rugs, psychedelic wall art and lava lamps. Other cool teen bedrooms ideas string lights, neon signs and brightly colored bedding and orb lights. Paint a large peace stabbing at one of the walls and write the words, “groovy”, “peace” and “love” on the walls. Abolish old furniture from a garage sale, and paint it in neon colors. Paint all drawer knobs in funky, bright colors with peace signs.

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Decorating ideas for cool teen bedrooms, if you’re teen is in sport, creating a sports themed room that he will love. Sports themes works for teen girls, too. Use hockey sticks and rods and helmets hanging in the room. Find various styles of sweaters and hang them on the wall. For the sweaters look nice, designs them before hanging them on the wall. Purchase chalkboard paint from your local store and paint something on the wall to create a scoreboard for the sports-themed room. Create a board that goes all over a wall at the top. Place different kinds of sports balls on the shelf. Another addition to the shelf with balls is trophies with them. Hang a small toy basketball on the cabinet door.

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