Distressed Bedroom Furniture


Arrange distressed bedroom furniture; Push all issued standard furniture flat against a wall. Repeat the process with the furniture of your roommate, if any. Two bunk beds against a wall to save as much space as possible, or loft beds on opposite sides of the room for more privacy. Keep cabinets and computer desks under loft beds. Place the desk in the head or foot of your bed to create a makeshift headboard and free up space on the wall. Purchase additional shelves and cabinets if you have space for it.

Divide the room distressed bedroom furniture, Adhere a blanket or curtain to the ceiling with pushpins or double-sided tape to divide the room into two or more areas. Large shelves or dressers position in the center of the room. Assign one side of the dorm to study side to sleep and rest. Buy a divider panels hinged to three separate beds and create a private dressing room.

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Improve Living Space distressed bedroom furniture; create a kitchen inside his dorm room by placing a high-cart rolling against the wall in front of your furniture. Slide a mini refrigerator under one end of the purchase. Place a television on top of a set of drawers or open shelves.


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