Fashionable Loft Beds for Girls


Loft beds for girls – Loft beds work well in a teen’s room for several reasons. First love teenagers sleep up high, and secondly, they love the cool look a loft bed gives their room. Loft beds are handy, too, as they free up floor space by increasing the sleeping surface close to the ceiling. But you have to decide what to do with all that extra room.

Encourage your teenager girls interest in reading by creating a cozy reading nook in her loft beds for girls. Start with beautiful sheets or curtains hung around the outside for a cozy, tent-like feel. Add a soft, faux-fur throw blanket or two on the floor, a small bookcase, a beanbag chair, small foam sofa or floor pillows and a clip-on gooseneck lamp. Let your teen choose the color palette or coordinate with her bedroom decor.

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If your girls are a fashionista with more clothes than closet space, you can turn the space under loft beds for girls in a closet. Arrange rolling racks in the room, or hang robust rods for clothes. Cover the walls with a series of hooks for hanging scarves, belts and wallets. If space allows, put a small dresser in as well. Because closets tend to get cluttered, hide clutter by hanging a beautiful curtain around the outside of fabric that matches her room.

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