Fun Bunk Beds for Girls


Pink is almost always preferable for girls, bunk beds for girls are also their own private space. Therefore, the establishment of their bunks with a kind of curtains will lower bunk girl sleeping inside the feeling of peace and security. Another idea is using these curtains as “walls” with windows that can be zipped. With attractively different colors, windows bunk beds for girls give the feeling of having a place to call their own “space”. The girls are somehow so interested in the idea of being a princess, why not transform berths for girls in his castle? This will be very exciting for them being in your own pink castle.

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This idea castle is top bunk creating high castle feeling. Draw castle walls on boards of layers of wood and wood cut following sketches. Next paint walls to match theme of bunk beds for girls and walls can be attached to top bunk. Make sure walls are strongly associated with structures of bed. For more energetic, many bunk beds girls are also available with slides, of course, with its popular favorite colors. Make sure slides are tough and not wobbly as it will be overused by excited children.


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