Fun Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas


The decor of the teenage girl bedroom ideas is a very personal matter. You know you’re on track when designs combine with the girl sleeping in the room. Whatever you choose as design style depends on the age of the girl and their interests. No need to go beyond his personality to give you an idea of ​​what she wants in her personal space.

Create a wall with spots of color in your teenage girl bedroom ideas using the technique of paint splattered. This simple technique is achieved by rapidly moving a brush dipped in paint splattering wall mode. Hit with a stick served. First, apply a base coat your walls. The paint you use for the dotted have to have a thick consistency to create defined points.

Soft pastels on the walls and bedding provide the ideal for teenage girl bedroom ideas of dreamy background. Paint furniture creamy white. Hang a curtain of transparent fabric from the ceiling above the bed to fall on both sides. Use a smooth, light for the treatment of fabric windows and added a soft carpet, plush. Enter sentimental items such as photos and frames ornament, a memoir of his life in the bedside table and a chest of hope at the foot of his bed to save everything you value.

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Nice Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage girl bedroom ideas – The easiest and cheapest way to decorate boy’s room is to keep things simple. Choose a color theme and template, then bring the room together affordable bedspreads, duvets, quilts, cushions and curtains for the desired look.

Polka dots and stripes provide consistency and excitement for teenage girl bedroom ideas. Try a bedspread polka dot and striped accent pillows or vice versa, with two colors or a combination of many colors.

Use a solid color corresponding to the curtains and a polka dot or stripe pure panel below to match the accent pillows. For the walls, hang favorite, framed black and white photographs of your teen. You can use a vintage lamp with a standout shade and put it on the bedside table.

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A mix of animal prints can create a funky, decorated room immediately for teenage girl bedroom ideas. Choose two of his favorite animal prints such as leopard print for a zebra print bedspread and for accent pillows. Stick with the primary colors of the animal.

Use a light olive, burnt orange, brown or camel for tents. For the wall, hang brightly colored pictures of 8-by-10 framed color matching curtains. Set a lamp with shade matching the bedspread, on his bedside table. For a touch of glamour, add a faux fur throw in a cream color.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Teenage girl bedroom ideas – There are two ways to decorate your bedroom right into the bedroom beach theme. The most important is to decorate your bedroom right into windy and the room looks natural. The first way is practically only possible when you have a large size bedrooms and ample windows. For the second bedroom decoration method, you can select an item that gives the feeling of the beach, and add it to your bedroom decor to produce a large beach theme bedroom.

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If you have daughters then this is teenage girl bedroom ideas. Bedroom design for a young child should be according to their tastes. So ask your female girl what theme he wanted. For example if the girl you love retro music, you can preserve that as a theme after deciding other things for example the color of the walls, furniture and appropriate accessories. You can also choose from a decorating theme popular girl’s bedroom, for example princess, superhero, ballerina, marine, vehicle, cartoons and fairy tales.

But in giving teenage girl bedroom ideas do not forget the combination of colors. Appropriate wall color really is a must to bring out the great thing about the design of the bedroom for girls. Several popular interior painting colors for the bedroom every girl pink, purple, sunshine yellow and all sorts of shades of pastel.


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