Good Bedroom Color Schemes


The quilts are usually displayed on top of the beds. Often, the bedrooms have queen or king beds, so quilts are larger than those found in other rooms of the house. White is a good color for quilt of a master bedroom, as it coincides with almost any bedroom color schemes or decor. A solid white is also a good way to tone down a complex tapestry pattern or design elements and complex patterns role; White is a simple color, so display it prominently in your bed simplifies the room.

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation, and white is a color that aligns with that philosophy. In the design of Feng Shui , the white represents purity and elegance; combine it with gold or silver for bedroom color schemes to create a design Feng Shui calm.

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Choose a color for the master bedroom and quilt based on your personality. If you lean more towards a modern and contemporary bedroom color schemes uses a chocolate brown, blue and tan. The quilt can be in any of these colors. If your walls are blue and the bed frame is dark brown in color, choose a comforter in tan. Similarly, if your walls are tan or brown color, choose a blue comforter.


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