Great Ideas of Masculine Bedroom


Masculine bedroom – Sense of style for decorating a bedroom is still possible without sacrificing a sense of masculinity. Incorporate a theme in your bedroom. A theme can be anything from simple to stick to the same palette of colors when decorating to position objects related to a specific topic in the room.

In terms of flooring for a masculine bedroom, dark wood works well. Opt for a floor stained cherry that goes with almost any color. For a modern industrial feel, opt for a floor of smooth concrete. Color the gray concrete or leave the original.

When it comes to your bedding or curtains, dark solids or patterns, such as stripes or plaids, provide the more masculine look. Rich tones like purple, forest green or dark blue all add a little ‘subtle color of a bedroom without exaggeration. Leather, suede and even silk can add a masculine touch to a room.

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Furniture is available in such a wide range of styles, choosing one is overwhelming. Any color of wood furniture can add to the feeling of a bedroom male. Stick to simple designs, without embellishments and ornate carvings. Metal furniture, such as stainless steel bed frames, can also add a masculine bedroom atmosphere.


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