How Dangerous Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs


Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs – The loft are back into fashion. It is best to know the hidden dangers of the bunks, to buy insurance model hundred percent. Loft domestic accidents have multiplied in recent years in young children. More than 30 infant deaths a year have been sufficient for the US authorities have taken action on the matter, and produced a guide with basic recommendations for manufacturers that any family should also know. In the European Union it is estimated that 19,000 children between 0 and 14 years suffer accidents involving full size loft bed with stairs.

The lofts are new trend in children’s bedrooms. They allow two children can sleep in the same space that would one, taking advantage of the volume in addition to the surface of the room. They are, in short, a good way to use the meager surfaces allow many rooms and create additional areas of study and play in the same space. It is considered litter any full size loft bed with stairs base located more than 75 cm above the floor. That height can be enough for a child to suffer a fatal domestic accident, and not only as a result of the fall. So, this article can tell about the dangers of using loft bed.

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