How to Build Trundle Bed Frame


The trundle bed frame is those that include thin frames and mattresses, box springs without leaving space for storage drawers below. In some cases the drawer under a trundle bed includes another mattress, allowing effectively double bed size. In others, the drawers are for storage. Build your own trundle provides a way to create more storage space or adds a space to temporarily sleep in a bedroom.

The trundle bed frame is similar to a platform bed since it is not necessary to accommodate a mattress and may have nothing of legs or supports other than those in the corners of the frame. A sheet of solid wood can form the platform. The header may be a separate element or an extension of the two legs at one end of the frame.

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Most trundle bed frame is made ​​of wood, which offers more choices for a home version. A statement of plywood is appropriate for the platform frame and any common wooden furniture such as oak, pine and cherry, can form the legs, the back and sides of the bed. The drawer can use other ply plywood, slightly smaller serving as the platform frame and sides made ​​of hardwood or plywood with wood veneer finish.


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