How to Build Trundle Beds for Kids


Trundle beds for kids – For the more adventurous, it is also possible to build yourself a trundle bed starting from an existing bed. Create the part under the bed almost equivalent to building a large drawer (who will have the size of the mattress), which is in itself not so complicated.

Trundle beds for kids carefully measure the space available under the first existing bed. Measure the space between the floor and the side post of the main bed. This measurement will determine the height of the bed frame you purchase while taking into account the height of the wheels you choose. You can imagine, if your calculations are wrong facts, your trundle will not slip under the main bed.

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To create the trundle beds for kids frame, you need two legs to 90cm long (check anyway if this measure must be adapted to match your main bed) and two other amounts corresponding to the width of main bed. Then attach these amounts together using your drill driver and wood screws. Then place, inside the built frame, a bracket of plus or minus 5 cm wide. It serves to maintain the base. Place the mattress and check that the structure is straight, very stable and very solid.


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