How to Build Wooden Bunk Beds


The arrangement of a bed on top of the other creates an intimate space where the brothers can share ideas and secrets. It is not so difficult to build solid wooden bunk beds, which serve a multitude of purposes over the years.  Cut your wood. All measurements are approximate cut wood can be adjusted to suit your own specifications. Inside each 4×4 post measure and mark the location of the side boards and head and feet of the bottom of your bunk.

On the outside of your 4×4 posts, using your first marks as a guide, measure and make holes for attaching your side boards wooden bunk beds. Mark your holes so they can make a diagonal line through the post. Measure and mark the holes for the head and feet at the outer edge of your posts adjacent 4×4.

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Tends all your pieces on the wooden bunk beds of floor and check your work. When you’re sure your marks are good, make the holes in the 4×4 posts and side planks. Join the sideboards to the posts with bolts. Then make holes in the 4×4 posts in the part of the head and feet and joins the head and feet studs with bolts.


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