How to Decorate Star Wars Bedroom Ideas


The Star Wars bedroom ideas is one of the most popular films of all time and LEGO is one of the most popular toys of all time. Combining the two is a match made ​​in heaven for the kids. Paint the walls with black paint, will serve as a canvas for star wars. Choose satin if you want to be shiny or matte chooses a less bright tone. Use white paint and gray to create stars and comets on the ceiling.

Outlines some LEGO blocks on the wall with pencil and painted over in red, yellow and green. Use other colors to recreate your favorite scenes or characters games the star Wars bedroom ideas. The LEGO tables are flat and green and have small knots on top to hold the blocks in place. Make the LEGO Star Wars figures the set of toys on the boards.

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Use bedding and decorations of The Wars. Use pillows, sheets and a logo of The Wars and looking stuffed animals and other toys from the franchise. You can also find curtains and window decorations La Wars. Make LEGO bricks and the star Wars bedroom ideas to blend with the general theme. Wall graphics films stick to the wall due to adhesive on the back.


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