How to Restoration Hardware Bedroom Collection


Restoration hardware bedroom – Old furniture can be boring, you can go out of style, and you can collect a lot of nicks, but antique furniture is usually built with sturdy and durable materials. If you’re not ready to get rid of their old bedroom furniture, spice it up with some techniques such as repainting, adding personal touches, and restoration hardware bedroom. Clean bedroom furniture by wiping with a damp cloth immediately with a dry cloth. Use sandpaper to lightly sand to a fine bedroom furniture grain. After sanding, clean the furniture with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Paint or stain the furniture depending on the look you want. Paint the furniture with white paint for a casual chic style, dye darker for a modern style, using light to medium brown tones of traditional, or go with bright green or blue for the country style.

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Nail decorative wood molding a wooden headboard to give it a distinctive look. Write a romantic date or paint some simple twists and designs in the headboard using a template for a custom design. If you have a padded headboard, first remove the cloth and wrap a new luxury fabric tightly around the head, attaching the fabric on the back with a staple gun. Use a fabric with great texture and vivid colors for a striking header or use browns and beiges for a neutral look.

Install curtain rods between the poles of a canopy bed and hang curtains soft cotton, or cover some network and tie wire around the posts for a romantic and exotic look. Matching linen and accessories such as mosquito net can instantly transform an old collection of bedroom furniture. Restoration hardware bedroom on cabinets, chests and dressers with new hardware. For a modern style, select elegant stainless knobs. Furniture for children, use knobs with their favorite colors. A traditional style may have knobs with intricate designs. Most hardware stores have a wide variety of knobs and other hardware.

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