Instructions for Toddler Tent Bed


Toddler tent bed – Shop cradle sits atop the cradle and prevents active babies climbing the defined area. The store has ample space for head and uses a mesh filter to keep the enclosed area. The screen allows air to flow through the cradle and has little effect on the light. The store has a door closed with zipper that opens from the outside. The large door allows parents to access child without removing the entire store. Mount the two tent poles by connecting the male and female ends. Firmly push the ends together to ensure that the poles have a perfect fit. Each pole is constructed of three segments.

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Look straps buttons at the bottom corner of the toddler tent bed. Release straps buttons to expose an opening in the pole sleeves. Insert a pole on each sleeve and flex the pole while ensuring the strap button. This will form the main body of the store. Remove the crib mattress. Set the tent at the top of the crib with the side door facing the desired access. Move the rack to open the access door. Locate the straps that are attached to the corners of the store.

Belts also have the bottom of the sleeve having the ends of the toddler tent bed poles. Wrap the straps around the side of the cradle and connect the straps attaching the hooks to loops. Place the hooks on the base of the tent on the top rail of the crib. Pull the straps cinch to tighten the straps and remove any space between the store and the top rail. The straps also prevent the child from climbing through loose fabric base.

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