Make a Cool Teen Bunk Beds


To make a cool teen bunk beds – First steps is paint the bunk bed and add interest to the space. Neutral colors such as beige, gray or cream that work for teens who update their device frequently. Then, Arrange furniture so there is enough  teen bunk beds to safely get to and from the upper bunk. A high shelf beside the bed can serve as a night stand kind of the lower and upper bunk.

Use bright colors or funky patterns such as leopard or zebra print that complements the cool teen bunk beds style. Next, Add textiles in fun colors, crazy patterns or unusual textures. The linens on the two berths can match or even complement each other.

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Last, Accessorize the teen bunk beds with items believe your teen is cool. If he likes collecting comic books and action figures, display them on a shelf. Using his musical equipment layout, if he is a musician, which adds to the space and make it easy for him to play and put away his instrument. Add baskets or containers for organizing and storing things on the shelves, under the bed and in the closet. And the cool teen bunk beds was finished now.


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