Make a Pincess Bunk Bed


Princess bunk bed – A princess bunk is more than just a bed, but a complete area to sleep and play. If a princess bunk is too expensive to be bought, try to build one.

A princess bunk bed is a bed that mimic a castle with the play area. The ceiling of the room will determine the height of the castle. It also can be equipped with a flight of stairs, and slides to add a fun way to get out.

You can build some furniture in own bed, for example the ladder as dresser, with drawer under each step. Torres is useful as cabinets or shelves as toy boxes. You can also put a cabinet or shelves under the slide as well, a small mirror, a table or dresser, and a dresser.

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When painting the princess bunk bed, be sure to make it look with a fairy tale. You can use painting techniques to make it appear that the bed was made of stone or brick, or can paint the favorite color of the princess who sleeps there. Any good will castle doors and windows, as well as flower beds and vines growing on the sides.


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