Making a Castle Bunk Bed


Castle bunk bed – Most kids think is the best bunk bed could have. They cannot just sleep on it, but they can also use the extra bed for a guest or as a play area. Build a castle with his litter to stimulate the imagination of your child. Instructions of making a castle bunk bed, are you can use a litter you already have or you can buy a new one with make sure it is sturdy enough; Prepares plans to design exactly how it will look the castle with include the towers, the drawbridge and any additional details that has the castle; Build the front of the castle with a great drawbridge and an arched window on each side of the bridge; Make towers to the sides of the front of the castle and should be large enough so that the child can stand inside. The next instruction to making a castle bunk bed is installs all accessories like spiral staircase, slide or flags with place a drawbridge to close berth to create a solid wall; Paint the castle. You must choose a paint color that accompanies the decor of the room and also simulates a stone facade.

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