Modern and Cute Teen Bedding Ideas


Cute teen bedding – Decorating the bedroom of a teenager can become a struggle between the teen and her parents. Allowing the teen to contribute to the room decor usually makes her feel more independent and comfortable in her own room. The bedding should reflect personality and style of the teen without her parents cringe.

Cute teen bedding ideas, Solid quilts or comforters – especially if they are reversible – provide flexibility for a simple transformations or updates to a room and change the taste of a teenager. For example, if he was in the car last week, but it’s all about skateboards this week, can a solid blue, black, green, red or yellow quilt work in a room focused on either interest rate. Many solid color quilts are available with similar or contrasting solid color on the back, like black and white, dark blue and light blue, lime green and purple or yellow and pink.

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Duvets also have a solid color on one side and a pattern on the other, or two contrasting patterns that uses the same basic colors. If she loves butterflies and always has a butterfly cute teen bedding set can set the tone for the rest of the room. One side would be constant purple, so she can give her bed on that side again as she grows tired of the butterfly theme. Patterns may create the color scheme for the room as well. Many comforters have stripes on one side and plaid, flowers or a contrasting design on the other, while the use of the same color scheme. This allows the toe to the pattern or she wants to give the bed in a manner that from the contrasting patterns.

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