Repaint Bedroom Vanity Table


Bedroom vanity table – Remove all hardware bedroom vanity table. Place this hardware in a bag in a safe place to keep it together. Sand the vanity. If vanity has several layers of paint on it, you may need to use a heat gun or paint remover to get down to the bare wood. Ideally move the dressing room for this procedure. Resand the piece. Once all the finish is gone and you are down to the bare wood, going over the vanity with a fine sandpaper. This will remove surface imperfections and help the new paint or stain to adhere properly. Clean entire piece with a tack cloth to remove any sawdust before proceeding.

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Paint or stain the bedroom vanity table. Work slowly and go with the grain of the wood. Apply a thin coat of paint or stain and let it dry. If you are staining the vanity, go over it again with fine sandpaper once the first coat is dry. Apply at least two coats of paint or stain.

Connect new drawer pulls. An old vanity can be upgraded with some simple hardware. Buy new drawer pulls that match the current size of the existing hardware. Screw the new hardware bedroom vanity table.


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