Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Romantic bedroom decorating ideas – One bedroom is not just a place to sleep. A bedroom can also be a place to play, make love or just escape the cares of the day. One way to help make any bedroom retreat serve as the decor is right. Decorating a space to establish a mood and help make the space more usable. Create a romantic bedroom retreat with some simple details.

Use the right colors. Consider using soft pastels like pink, light blue and lavender. Paint the walls a shade of ancient pink, sky blue or lilac. Other colors can bring a sense of romantic bedroom decorating ideas too. Use a color scheme of peach and gold. Paint the walls white. Washing a glaze on top of soft silk pale apricot. Layer on another layer of enamel in a soft golden glow to the walls. If the softer colors do not appeal to you, go bold. Paint the walls a bright to call the sensual mind lipstick and red glamour of old Hollywood.

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Choose appropriate lighting for romantic bedroom decorating ideas. Lighting can help set a mood. Avoid lighting is harsh and unflattering, such as track lighting or fluorescent lights. Fill corners with overhead lights that cast pleasant shadows on the walls. September candles of different heights that complement the colors of the room. Place them on tables and cabinets. Consider buying Tiffany style lamps used as main lighting in the room. Existing lamps with a subtle sheen draped lampshades with rows of beads. Cover the top of the curtains with a thin shawl.


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