Romantic Master Bedroom Decorating


Master bedroom decorating which improves your mood when you walk into room. Choose a general theme that highlights soft tissue, lace or decorative art. Color selection is essential for any master bedroom because colors of walls bind together other pieces of scenery and set tone in room. Some neutral shades work well with any style of furniture or decorative embellishments.

A romantic master bedroom decorating should please senses. Rich colors “BOLD” paired with soft tissue and some romantic accents create a room for you and your spouse to enjoy. Select a rich dark color, like plums, Burgundy or green forest, for an accent wall. Painting a wall and leave other blank walls.

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Place your bed against wall and select three pieces of framed art to highlight above bed Choose art that appeals to general theme of master bedroom decorating. Photos of red and white roses and other flower types work well in this room. However, scenes of sunset or landscape may also work. Align art framed in a row on wall above bed and space each frame 2 inches apart. Good sizes for frames and art are 10-by-13 or larger. Adorn your bed with silk or velvet fabrics. Four poster style beds go well in a romantic room. Place dried flowers in a vase on dresser and other accents of yesteryear as a pocket mirror and brush to place on dresser.

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