Rustic Log Bedroom Furniture Ideas


Rustic log bedroom furniture is a must have in your rustic bedroom. This furniture looks like it was developed in record set rough cut, or you can get headers wrought iron or brass without disturbing the rustic ambiance of the room. For a guest room, it is advisable to get the biggest bed that your room can comfortably accommodate, or get two single beds with a nightstand between the two. It is also important to choose a high quality mattress that will last for a while, along with some high quality pillows, either white or a solid color in earth tones. Solid beige, green, burgundy, or camouflage leaves are always a great rustic feel – especially when combined with thick plaid or wild-life feather print.

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While not essential in all rooms, they are a staple in the rustic log bedroom furniture decor. There are two varieties of dressers and nightstands that fit the bill when it comes to “rustic”. The first variety is called “Cut-log”. Another variety is called “old wood”. Cut-registration dressers look as if they were stacked logs cut into them with drawers and dressers distressed wooden look like a normal dresser who has seen some wear and tear. Done properly, both styles are perfectly integrated with the rest of the decor of your rustic bedroom.

Other rustic log bedroom furniture such as chairs, bookcases, dressers, and banks can add greatly to its rustic themed decor. Again, you can go with style furniture woodcutting, or more than one aspect of distressed wood. There is also a lot of fun variations as shelves canoe-shaped, round stools made from a piece of log; chairs camouflage animal print banana and bean bags. There are plenty of options when it comes to rustic furniture to furnish your house, cottage or rustic house theme.

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