Rustic Master Bedroom Decor


Rustic master bedroom – No style has been appreciated as the rustic. The magic of these environments is in its naturalness, the honesty of their design and their spontaneity. It is a way of decorating simple, instinctive and traditional which has survived the baroque, rococo, the empire and the rest of changing fashions. Today is still based on the same grounds of comfort, simplicity and love for objects craftsmen. As for the materials, their favorites are wood, the wrought iron and clay.

As we say, the rustic master bedroom style is like returning to the field, to the origins of life decades ago when the rural world was inhabited more than now. To do this, of course, all the materials and finishes that we use should make us evoke life in the field. And speaking of materials that remind us of the field, no doubt wood is the main protagonist. Ideal for a rustic environment is the use of wood with worn finishes, it being noticed over the years.

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Other materials that we can come in handy are glass, wrought iron, natural elements like bamboo or wicker accessories ceramic or porcelain, natural stone, etc. As you see, all these materials give off an antique aroma, which is ideal for our rustic master bedroom. The style of the accessories must be “stale”. This means you should look for accessories with history, like an old chair (but remodeled to be comfortable to sit), a comfortable inherited, etc.

The chosen colors should be clear. This means that the foundations of the walls are clear and that the wood chosen for the furniture should be light shades. The contrast can enter it through accessories. This combination will category.

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