Simple but Attractive Bedding Sets for Teens


Bedding sets for teens, on other hand, usually prefer either something simple or something with strong lines and patterns. This may reflect that they develop strong opinions about world they live in. If your teen wants to make a strong statement, follow her lead and select bedding set that have strong lines, shapes and patterns. Patterns can even be combined for a striking appearance. A hot pink plaid pillow, for example, adds a pop of color and design for a black and white polka dot comforter.

Simple Go minimal and keep it simple. Purchase a litter in a neutral color and let your teen zing it yourself – or not. Some bedding sets for teens actually come in simple look. Others – usually girls – will want to personalize. A plain gray duvet can be a blank canvas for your teen’s imagination. Give her some fabric pens and let her go to town, or give her a budget for some interesting throw pillows and blankets, which she can use decorate bed. Simple is also an excellent choice for teenager who is about to move out, you just do not know what your child’s college dorm room is going to look like. Something simple is sure to match almost everything.

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Materials of bedding sets for teens more than design, materials can make a bed more comfortable than your teenager ever dreamed. Yes, he’s going to worry about how litter looks, but when he feels it, he cares more about good night’s sleep he will get. Raise thread count of sheets and splurge on a quilt for your growing child, and he does not even care if you secretly saved his old teddy bear into corner of his bed.


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