Tall Bed Frame Design


Tall bed frame – If you’re a normal person you sleep eight hours a night (at least a third of your life), the selection correct mattress springs and mattress becomes significant. Not only the right mattress allows you to have a better night’s sleep, but also the right height to match mattress / box spring will help to better promote any movement in your room.

The most common tall bed frame, although there are no established standards for the height of a bed, some specific measures are much more common than others, due to the ergonomic nature or because they are the internal standard for one or more major manufacturers of beds. The currently most common height is 25 inches (63.5 cm). A person sitting on a bed of this point can rest their feet on the ground, but his legs remain extended while doing so.

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The tall bed frame styles change over the years, but often the nostalgia of a bygone era or the mystery of a bygone era still striking; therefore there is the antiques industry. Antique beds are usually made of wood and are often engraved with intricate designs. Four bed canopies is another common ancient style. Not only they were more ornate, but were also higher.


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