Teen Girl Beds with Dots


Teen girl beds – Polka dots can be ideal bedroom decor, especially for a teenager girl. Polka dot design can be found as a key element not only for a wide range of bedroom furniture, but decorative elements such as lighting and trinkets. Using these decorative elements in an almost endless number of combinations you can create a polka dot theme for your teenage girl who will give her room a youthful and vibrant personality.

A variety of combinations using dots and other patterns add flair and excitement to teen girl beds. Combine polka dot bed covers with a solid color sheet using the colors of dots, or switch roles and use a polka dot sheets and solid color bed cover. Using the reverse pattern of pads. If the outer bedding polka dot matches pillows for the solid sheet. Even better, use round pads to add to the polka dot appeal. Creative polka dot lighting adds to the appeal of the room. Use a light that has holes in the top so when the light is on, the circles on the ceiling.

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Different color lenses over each of the circles will produce a wide range of colors displayed on the ceiling as circles go round. The walls are a blank canvas that can be used in different ways highlight dots in space. Painting polka dots on the wall and use them as a way to accent litter by making the colors of the dots similar or complementary is an effective way to improve the theme and draw attention to the teen girl beds.


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