Tips to Decorate Zen Bedrooms


The bedroom should be tidy, airy and free of unnecessary elements and you get the energy to circulate smoothly and attain harmony needed to rest well and feel relaxed. One of way is zen bedrooms.

There are some tips to decorate one zen bedrooms. Choose soft colors for the walls: beige, ocher or roasted, also white or pastels. Lighting dim lights on the tables will help you relax; if they are adjustable, they will allow you to achieve different environments depending on the time. Avoid direct light on the bed.

Bed, ideally placed at the center of wall and since she can see the door, but do not put it right in front of or under the window. If you have mirror in the room, place it so that you do not see reflected in bed. The head has to lean against the wall, and feet can place a trunk.

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Desk with computer and working papers on him, gymnastic apparatus or television are elements that disturb your sleep.

One trick to win light of zen bedrooms, if you have dark room and you find it intolerable, can make it look more luminous without complicate your life: False placed with translucent glass skylights on the roof and put small pockets inside.


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