To Upholstered Bed Frame


Upholstered bed frame –  Set the headboard, footboard and side rails on the floor on their sides. Apply wood glue on the ends of the header line the edge with the wide side of the side rail and screw in place with two screws. Cut the corner supports from 1-for-6, scoring in all areas at the halfway point. Then mark in each half diagonal line from one corner to the opposite.

Place a corner piece at each corner flush with the bottom of the upholstered bed frame boards. Screw the corner block in place with two screws on each side. Repeat with each corner block. Measure the header and footer and  height to find the center point. Mark the location of the center point for each piece. Cut batting about 4 inches wider than the width of the frame side.

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Double 1 inch above the upholstered bed frame and staple in place with the staple gun. Staple around the top edge first and flip the frame to make the bottom. Seat head batting, but not stretch or pull hard. Apply the material the same as the batting and staple in place. Flip the face frame and lay the strips through the bed. Attach the slats in the cleats and center support with screws every 4 inches


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