Trends King Size Platform Beds


King size platform beds have actually been around for some time. Platform bed is defined as a bed that has its own platform foundation built in for use with only a mattress. These beds typically have a lower profile than other beds and often have space under bed that allows use of boxes or system box, or other unique features not available with conventional beds.

Basis for these beds can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most common is called slat roller or slat system. These are a series of wooden slats that are strapped or merged with a polypropylene material that allows for proper spacing. Rails of king size platform beds will have a ledge or shelf built into them that slats rest. Another form of foundation would be fixed panels. These also rest on a ledge, but offers advantage of a solid surface without gaps for mattress manufacturers who require their mattress to be a stable framework surface.

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King size platform beds available in a variety of patterns and styles. Many are in solid wood construction. Domestic platform beds that are made in United States will be made from common woods such as oak, maple, ash, cherry and hickory just to name a few. Typically most imports beds you will find are made of rubber wood which is close in characteristics maple in its tensile strength and durability.


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