Turquoise Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls


Turquoise bedroom ideas – Coordinate a sleek, modern room for teenagers when zebra stripes are combined with turquoise fashion. Use traditional solid black and turquoise and white zebra stripes, or combine turquoise and black zebra stripes or turquoise and white with solid black, white or turquoise. Add silver or chrome accents to keep the decor clean and uncomplicated. Panel’s zebra wallpaper or painted canvas with turquoise and black zebra stripes a trick that is ideal for tenants, students in boarding schools or parents no paint bright turquoise walls. Wallpaper border in damask or zebra stripes may accentuate or painted white walls with paintings and penetrating gaze turquoise or turquoise walls.

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Black zebra stripes, black and turquoise bedroom ideas are a funky and daring option bed that creates a focal point in the room. Use a patchwork quilt of turquoise and black colored blocks with a zebra border by a more discreet approach. Accent the bedding with a zebra striped skirt, pillows and turquoise velvet or furry zebra print cushions.

Black furniture complements turquoise bedroom ideas and zebra bed. Paint a vanity or side table with turquoise and silver or turquoise and black stripes to make a bold statement piece. Vinyl decals added time slots and patterns for furniture easy transition from one topic to another.


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