Zebra Black and White Bedding


Black and white bedding – Paint the walls a soft gray color different with black and white bedding. Place two medium gray carpet on each side of the bed. Place a dressing or a bench at the base of the bed to make the table below. Visually anchor the bed with black bed skirts. Place the sheets on the bed. Place two big black pillows 24 inches (60 cm) across the rear of the bed against the head. Ends with two black and one white round cushions in between. The colors black and white repeat the zebra pattern, but add interest with geometric shapes.

Place curtains whites from ceiling to floor in every window, even if the windows are of different sizes. Cutting a flat sheet with zebra black and white bedding patterns to 24 inches (60 cm) wide and twice the width of the window. Sew a tunnel through the top of the curtain rod and make a hem at the base. Use this as a curtain for the window.

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Finish the style decorate with zebrablack and white bedding with large indoor plants as an Umbrella Plant, a palm or Dracanea. In groups of three pots black and enlighten them from behind to make shadows on the wall. Do not exaggerate and think style jungle.


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